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Elegant hat, white gray pearl faux fur, toque 56-57, eleg...

Mathé HB

elegant hat, white gray pearl faux fur, toque, elegance 2012-winter, super soft silky faux fur,  fleece lining, one piece creation, turn of head: 56-57 cm /M. luxe, superior quality imitation fur, without toxic substances, In France made, acrylic hair 1,5 cm woven on 100% cotton support ---  couture creations, 100 % Craft, handwork, handmade. clothing and accessories fashion, Mathé-HB, creator

Coton, Fausse-fourrure, Haute-qualité, Polaire, Synthétique
58 / L, 59 / L


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Mathe HB
Mathe HB
Mathe HB